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2020-03-27 12:04:02
The cost of the site Moscow 💰 | website Promotion – price Moscow | the Cost of website promotion in Moscow

The prices for services of web-Studio "RESTZEIT"

Creation of sites
 Landing Page from the 79 000 ₽
 Business website from the 99 000 ₽
 Online store under the key from the 179 000 ₽
 Large enterprise site plant from the 229 000 ₽
SEO - Search engine optimization
 SEO, rate city 18 000 ₽/month.
 SEO, rate big city 25 000 ₽/month.
 SEO, rate region 45 000 ₽/month.
 SEO, rate country 85 000 ₽/month.
Contextual advertising
 Configure the ads (I/G) from the 7 000 ₽
 Control of advertisements (I/G) from the 8 000 ₽/month.
 All inclusive (I/G) from the 10 000 ₽/month.
 Setting of advertising (I+G) from the 10 000 ₽
 Control of advertisements (I+G) from the 12 000 ₽/month.
 All inclusive (I+G) from the 18 000 ₽/month.
SMM - Promotion in social networks
 1 social network from the 15 000 ₽/month.
 2 the social network from the 28 000 ₽/month.
 3 the social network from the 36 000 ₽/month.
 Design group from the 8 000 ₽/month.
 Targeting from the 12 000 ₽/month.
Technical support
 Simple to modify from the 1 000 ₽/month.
 Monthly support from the 15 000 ₽/month.
 Serious revision from the 28 000 ₽/month.
 Hosting renewal and domain from the 7 000 ₽per year.
SERM - reputation Management
 Rate: Image from the 20 000 ₽/month.
 Rate: Reputation from the 30 000 ₽/month.
 Rate: the opinion Leader from the 40 000 ₽/month.
Mobile app
 Adaptation of the website from the 300 000 ₽
 Standard development from the 790 000 ₽
 Complex development from the 490 1 000 ₽
Google page speed
 Optimization from the 15 000 ₽
 A website audit from the 12 000 ₽

Every modern company, regardless of occupation, should have representation in the Internet. It may be different kind of Internet-stores, information portals, or landing page, what option is best for your business - You decide. Importantly, future customers and potential buyers had the opportunity to learn all about Your company, at any time and at convenient place. With the help of your own Internet site You will be able bright and modern to Express yourself.

Prices for designing websites.

Our company will help you to realize Your Internet project, we will create a unique page or a website of any complexity at affordable prices. Now most of the business is built on sales on the network. Betting on the Internet and doing sales as the big brands and companies and aspiring entrepreneurs. The cost of developing a quality website is one of the profitable investment, so it is important to evaluate your budget and not skimp on your future Internet business.

The prices for creation of sites in Moscow.

The capital prices for this kind of service varies in wide range. It all depends on the customer's wishes and capabilities of the contractor. Since Moscow is a large metropolis, it is companies providing services for the development of sites quite a lot. Competition in this area of services is displayed on the financial side. But since the city is large, it is possible to find the contractor in accordance with any requirements and budget accordingly.

Our ability.

We are ready to provide You with the design, content and promotion of your website. And also help in the maintenance of this resource. Through an integrated approach to each of our project, You receive a quality product at an affordable price. On our website you can easily order this or that service under the key, or get a consultation on your project. We value your time and do not require filling many of the unnecessary lines in the application form, just contact information and our qualified staff will contact You to clarify all necessary details.

Thanks to the experience of our highly qualified specialists and application of innovative technologies and techniques, the end result will surprise You. Despite the high level of quality of our work, we are loyal pricing policy and maintain individual approach to each client.


Dear Customer, view our videos, I hope they will help You in promoting Your website!