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The marketing Department of DC Datsun VIKINGS Tolyatti

We Express our gratitude to "Restzeit". The modernization of the website of Datsun and configuration of the new server. Work is performed in accordance with the requirements of the manufacturer. Thank you for your cooperation.

Holoptsev Olga

Director of development

We Express our appreciation for the quality website design ZETTEK and further work on its implementation. With You to work comfortably and communicate.

Drevin Guzeliya Gumarovna

Director of dentistry complex cases "Diastom"

Our gratitude to the company "Restzeit". Our website has changed, it has a mobile version, and promptly made all the changes. I am satisfied with the quality of work, compliance with deadlines and involvement in creative work.

Kiriushin Alexey

The General Director of Agency "the Russian pearl"

We thank the company "Restzeit" for a beautiful and modern website. Here already 2 years we are partners. Design, promotion and content of the website in the company at a high level!

Evdokimov, Gennady Mikhailovich

Zam. General Director of ZAO "Togliattistroyzakazchik"

ZAO "Togliattistroyzakazchik" expresses its gratitude to "Restzeit" as a reliable contractor in the field of development and support. Working together is not the first year. Quality, service, timeliness – that is what captivates the organization.


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